Heritage worth protecting

Thirlestane is an accredited museum, committed to caring for its art & artefacts

The finest ceilings in Europe by legendary George Dunsterfield

Inspiring Scottish Architecture by architects Sir William Bruce and Bryce & Burn


Thirlestane Castle Trust

Thirlestane Castle Trust is a charity established to care for and secure the long-term future of the castle, grounds and its collections. Every penny from donations, plus event and visitor income goes directly to helping preserve this wonderful building and its unique history and heritage, for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. 

The maintenance and vital restorative work of the castle would not be possible without your continued support – thank you.


What we’re working on…

We have ambitious plans to secure over £1 million within the next two years. We’ll use this money to make our castle more accessible and more engaging through improved interpretation, as well as improving the castle’s accommodation and facilities. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our plans now also include ensuring the castle is as safe as possible for all our visitors.

There is currently no disabled access to the first floor of the castle. We will install a full disabled access lift servicing all floors, to facilitate tours of the historic apartments, so all visitors can access our accommodation and event spaces.

We want to expand our digital offer by improving the information we provide on our website and through better use of social media. We also aim to develop an app, so visitors can undertake self- guided tours.

Improving visitor experience – We will reinvigorate the way in which we share the rich history of the castle and the Maitland family, focusing on engaging our visitors and encouraging a better understanding of our heritage.

Sharing more of our collections – Some of our prized collections are not currently on display. We want to ensure our visitors get the most out of their visit to the castle by holding regular temporary exhibitions, which will allow for more of our collection to be seen and celebrated.

More information on this project coming soon.

More information on this project coming soon.

How can you support us?


Our continuing challenge is to safeguard Thirlestane Castle and our collections, which together tell the story of a place and a family that have played an important part in the history and development of Scotland. Help support our work and ensure this important story is heard. Making a gift couldn’t be easier

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Patrons Program

We are excited to be currently developing a Friends and Patron scheme. If you are interested in becoming a Patron of Thirlestane Castle, please get in touch.

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Become a Volunteer – Volunteers are incredibly important to the Thirlestane Castle Trust and are involved in all aspects of our work, from front of house, to assisting with collection care. There is a real community feel and sense of belonging among our volunteers, without whom we could not function.

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Thirlestane Trustee, Robert Hunter, talks about the importance of supporting this historic castle.

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